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Babylon 5 Cast

Diese Seite beinhaltet eine Liste weiterer Rollen, die Babylon 5 Schauspieler gespielt haben. Ein Teil der Informationen wurde der "Actors and Actress Lists". Cast und Crew von "Babylon 5". Crew. Produzent, Regisseur: John Copeland; Regisseur: Stephen Furst; Produzent, Regisseur: J. Michael Straczynski. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Richard Biggs · Jerry Doyle · Mira Furlan · Andreas Katsulas · Peter Jurasik · Stephen Furst · .

Liste der Schauspieler von Babylon 5

Cast Babylon 5 S Babylon 5 · Staffeln & Episoden · Besetzung. Diese Seite beinhaltet eine Liste weiterer Rollen, die Babylon 5 Schauspieler gespielt haben. Ein Teil der Informationen wurde der "Actors and Actress Lists". Michael Starczynski und 13 Darsteller aus seiner Serie Babylon 5 haben den Geburtstag der Serie gefeiert. Folgende Schauspieler waren.

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Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion at Phoenix Comicon 2013

Shirley Prestia was born on August 18, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Shirley Rose Prestia. She was an actress and writer, known for Species , Wag the Dog and What Women Want She died on October 6, in New Orleans.

Actor WarGames. Stephen Lee was born in Englewood New Jersey in Having lived in Europe the first 15 years of his life, Stephen comes from a "casino" background with his father selling and making slot machines.

Stephen started acting when he came to the U. S in and eventually getting a partial scholarship Actor Critters. Roger Hampton was born on April 12, in California, USA as Roger Allen Hampton.

He was an actor, known for Critters , Halloween II and Columbo He died on September 15, in California.

Tony Steedman was born on August 21, in Warwickshire, England as Anthony Francis Steedman. He was married to Judy Parfitt and Ann Steedman.

He died on February 4, in Haywards Actor Zoe. Brian McDermott was born on July 23, in Beckenham, Kent, England.

He was an actor, known for Zoe , I Promised to Pay and Melissa He died on November 5, in St John's Wood, London, England.

Actor Ali. Doug Hale was born on June 11, in Athens, Georgia, USA. He was an actor and director, known for Ali , Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Blood of the Dragon He died on April 25, in Woodland Hills, California, USA.

Johnny Sekka was born on July 21, in Dakar, Senegal as Lamine Sekka. He was an actor, known for The Message , Babylon 5 and The Avengers He was married to Cecilia Enger.

He died on September 14, in Agua Dulce, California, USA. Actor Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. Brenan T. Baird was born on March 15, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He was an actor and producer, known for Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man , Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Michael Jordan: An American Hero He died on November 4, in Seal Beach, California, USA.

Actor Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Lance LeGault was born as William Lance Legault on May 2, in Chicago, Illinois.

LeGault grew up in Chillicothe, Illinois and graduated from Chillicothe Township High School in Lance began his acting career as a stunt double for Elvis Presley ; he appears in the s Presley vehicles Actor The Wicker Man.

British actor Edward Woodward made a highly successful transition into Hollywood TV stardom in the mid s thanks to a popular dramatic series.

Possessing a magnetic, yet coldly handsome demeanor in the same mold as Christopher Plummer , he was born Edward Albert Arthur Woodward on June 1, , Actor Westworld.

Kip King was born on August 11, in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Jerome Charles Kattan. He was an actor and writer, known for Westworld , Meet the Fockers and A Night at the Roxbury He was married to Hajnalka E.

He died on July 15, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Actor Mulan. A 's pioneer of Asian-American theatre, Soon Tek Oh aka Sun-Taek Oh, Soon-Tek Oh or Soon-Taik Oh was born on June 29, , in Mokpo, Korea at the time the country was under Imperial Japanese rule.

He attended high school at Gwangju, South Korea, and went on to study at Yonsei University in Director Babylon 5. He began his career in the early s making government propaganda movies for the United States Information Agency.

His debut feature "The French Way", was never released in America. Compton followed this film Cinematographer Babylon 5.

Vulich was an immensely talented sculptor and make-up effects wizard whose fertile imagination gave rise to numerous monsters and aliens for creature features and episodic television.

He drew much of his early inspiration from Tom Savini with whose crew he initially worked on monster effects for Ron Thornton was born in in London, England.

He is known for his work on Hypernauts , Star Trek: Nemesis and Babylon 5 He was married to Lada. He died on November 21, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Writer The Twilight Zone. Author Harlan Ellison was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Serita Rosenthal and Louis Laverne Ellison. He had an older sister, Beverly.

Harlan was married five times. He lived in Sherman Oaks at "Ellison Wonderland". He had the same address and phone number for decades, was a teetotaler, and never Actor Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

William Sheppard was born and raised in London, England to an Anglo-Irish family. He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

He was an Associate Artist with the Royal Shakespeare Company for 12 years. He appeared on Broadway in with "Marat-Sade" and later in with " Writer Babylon 5.

Larry DiTillio was born on June 15, in the USA. He is known for his work on Babylon 5 , The Hitchhiker and Hypernauts He died on March 16, in the USA.

Ally Warren was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her first acting part was as the Partridge in a Pear Tree in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" in grade one at Cedar Park Elementary School, in Pointe Claire, Quebec.

She studied acting formally with a variety of different teachers in a variety of Writer Star Trek: The Next Generation.

American science fiction author and story editor who worked primarily for television. An aspiring novelist from the age of eleven, Fontana began as a writer of horror and adventure stories.

After graduating with an associate arts degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey she got her Actor Teen Wolf. Michael Dane was born on November 2, in Longview, Washington, USA.

He is known for his work on Teen Wolf , Project: Phoenix and Beyond He died on November 27, Actor The Accused.

Carmen Argenziano was born on October 27, in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania. He was an actor. He was in The Accused , Stand and Deliver , The Godfather: Part II , Identity , and many more Milton James was born on December 7, in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, New York, USA as Milt Jamin.

He was an actor, known for Ninja Scroll , Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! He died on January 1, in New York City. A post shared by Brian J Preston prestonbj.

Richard Briggs played the role of Dr. Stephen Franklin, the chief medical officer on space station Babylon 5.

He remained with the show for its entire run and reprised the role of Dr. Franklin in the made-for-TV movies. After his time on Babylon 5 , Richard kept working in Hollywood, including roles on Any Day Now and Strong Medicine.

Sadly, Richard died suddenly in May of due to an aortic tear. He was Stephen played the aide to Ambassador Londo Mallari, Vir Cotto.

He played Cotto throughout the run of the series, and reprised the role for the TV movie, Thirdspace. After Babylon 5, Stephen continued to work regularly, appearing in film and television and working as a voice actor on series like Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

After a battle with lifelong health issues, he died of diabetes-related complications in at the age of Before his time on Babylon 5, Andreas Katsulas had already made a name for himself in the industry.

In , he landed the infamous role of Sykes, the "one-armed man" in Harrison Ford's hit thriller The Fugitive.

RELATED: Babylon 5: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed. What fans may not know is how Ardwight left the limelight in to do what he does best, writing.

With currently 40 writing credits to his name, Ardwight most recently wrote episodes of the TV series Ultraman.

Weirdly, Ardwight never wrote a single episode of Babylon 5. Go figure. Patricia Tallman has appeared in some of the most beloved cinematic cult-classics.

After appearing in Monkey Shines , Road House , Night of the Living Dead , and Army of Darkness , Tallman landed the role of Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5.

So where is she now? While she hasn't appeared on screen since the short film A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose , Tallman continues to support the horror genre.

Tallman will reportedly partake in the upcoming documentary Hail to the Deadites , which will chronicle her role in Army of Darkness.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Babylon 5 cast members is what happened to Andrea Thompson.

The former model, who starred as Talia Winters in 44 episodes, abruptly quit acting to become a news journalist in Thompson became a TV anchor for CNN's Headline News until , when she left the position after nine months.

Thompson returned to acting in , appearing on 24 before guest-starring in two episodes of Bones in Thompson last appeared in a episode of Quarry on Showtime.

The British thespian began his career on the small screen, playing a recurring character on the TV show The Hard Word.

Carter would go on to play Ranger Marcus Cole on Babylon 5. She remains on board the station in her new role, upon Sheridan's recommendation that she would have access to more resources at Babylon 5 rather than being on Minbar.

The Minbari are an advanced race, who are a galactic superpower just like the Earth-Alliance. Their homeworld is the planet Minbar.

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski named the planet and race after the Islamic pulpit known as a minbar. They were one of the military forces of the younger races in the previous Shadow War the Vorlons being the main force which took place roughly in the Earth year A.

The Minbari were completely defeated by the Shadows in this first war and on the verge of total extinction but were saved by the Earth Babylon 4 station.

The Minbari Federation is a caste society, its people divided into worker, warrior, and religious castes. The Minbari are led by the Grey Council, which contains nine representatives, originally three from each of the three castes.

The council was disbanded by Ambassador Delenn as part of an effort to fight the Shadows. She later reorganized it, giving the Worker Caste which had previously been caught in the middle of the power struggle between the Warrior and Religious castes a substantial increase of power and influence.

Minbari are humanoid, usually thin and pale, though considerably stronger in hand-to-hand combat than the average human of the same size; they are bald, with gray bony crests across the back of their heads.

The first encounter between Minbari and Humans was a disaster - a misunderstanding led to Earth ships firing on Minbari ships, killing their leader Dukhat and precipitating the Earth-Minbari War.

Shortly before reaching Earth, the Minbari surrendered and retreated. At the time the official reason for this reprieve was unknown.

The Minbari do not believe in any individual God or gods. They instead believe that the universe itself is sentient and that it "broke itself into pieces to study every aspect of its being" as is stated in many episodes through the entire series.

They use base-eleven mathematics [35] [36] and believe the number "3" to be sacred. Branmer is a deceased General Shai Alit who led the Minbari forces at the Battle of the Line.

Branmer is not portrayed by an actor because his deceased body has been cremated. Branmer's father was a member of the Warrior Caste , his mother was from the Religious Caste.

Because the mother's caste takes precedence in Minbari society, Branmer began life as a member of the religious caste. He was a close friend of Grey Council member Delenn.

When the Earth-Minbari War began, Branmer became a General of the warrior caste. Branmer felt it was his religious duty to carry out the war against the humans.

When the Grey Council ended the war, Branmer obeyed the order to stand down. In , Branmer was on a diplomatic mission when he suddenly died.

He had previously told Delenn that he had wished for a simple funeral followed by cremation. However, the clan he belonged to - the Star Riders - decided to take him on a lengthy journey home, which was seen as a most unusual move.

The ship carrying Branmer's body soon arrived at Babylon 5. After lying in state over night, Branmer's first officer Neroon , followed by Delenn and the station's command staff, arrived at the place where Branmer's body was held.

When Neroon opened the casket, Branmer's body was gone. It is discovered that Delenn had stolen the body and had Branmer cremated.

She was going to explain his disappearance as a religious mystery, that his body had been physically taken away by the "Gods".

This actually was an inconsistency in the plot, both earlier " Believers " and later episodes had said that the Minbari did not believe in specific religious deities.

These events take place during the episode " Legacies ". Draal was played first by Louis Turenne and later by John Schuck.

In his first appearance in A Voice in the Wilderness , Draal was played by Louis Turenne. Feeling that he had no place in modern Minbari society, he set out to visit his former student Delenn on Babylon 5 one final time before leaving to go "to the sea.

It was discovered shortly thereafter that the planet housed a massive, globe-spanning mechanical system called the Great Machine , which was failing due to the terminal health of its supervisor, a lone alien named Varn.

Because the Great Machine required a sentient mind to function as its central operating system, Varn's declining health was causing systematic failures that threatened the planet's integrity.

Draal, reinvigorated by a sense of purpose and the opportunity to assist others in a way he no longer could on Minbar, gladly and willingly offered to take Varn's place as the custodian of the Great Machine.

He then utilized the planet's defenses to destroy the violent separatists of Varn's species who had returned to take back its weapon systems.

Once in place, Draal's presence restored the planet to a stable condition and warned all of Babylon 5 station personnel to refrain from landing on the surface; he intended to preserve Varn's mission to protect the advanced technology from misuse, and thus, barred anyone from journeying to the planet until they were ready.

Draal indicated that the machine had a role to fill in some future event, and that he would come to them when ready.

The next year, Draal appeared to Captain John Sheridan and put the Great Machine at the disposal of Sheridan and his allies in the fight against the Shadows.

Louis Turenne was unable to reprise the role of Draal, so John Schuck was selected to play the role of Draal.

The difference in appearance between the two men was explained by having the Great Machine restore Draal's health and appearance, making him appear 30 years younger.

In the meantime Draal had discovered that he was not alone on the planet, that there were others there who helped take care of the Great Machine, one of them a being named Zathras.

Draal would appear again in the episode Voices of Authority , again played by Schuck. This time he helped the crew of Babylon 5 make contact with an ancient race considered to be one of the First Ones.

While interfaced with Draal's computer, Susan Ivanova found the evidence in the Great Machine that President Morgan Clark had indeed orchestrated the assassination of President Luis Santiago.

After this appearance, Draal was mentioned from time to time in other episodes, but made no further appearances in the series. Schuck became unavailable due to commitments to a play, and producers did not want to cast a third actor for the role.

Michael Straczynski has stated that he had other plans for the character, including an appearance in the first part of War Without End. When Babylon 5 declared independence from the Earth Alliance in the episode Severed Dreams , the crew used Draal's holographic systems to allow Sheridan to broadcast the declaration to residents and crew on board the station.

Ivanova asked Sheridan if they should seek Draal's help in defending the station. Sheridan said it was their fight, not his, and that he wanted to keep Draal's alliance with the station a secret as long as possible.

Later that year Draal used the Great Machine to expand the temporal rift in sector 14, where the Babylon 4 station had been.

Doing so allowed John Sheridan and Jeffrey Sinclair to take the White Star back in time, and ensure that Babylon 4 entered the temporal rift and wound up 1, years in the past as was its destiny.

Sinclair rode the station into the past, and became the Minbari leader Valen. Once Sheridan and the White Star arrived back in the present, Draal closed the rift so that no one else would become trapped in there.

After the Vorlons and the Shadows left the galaxy, President Morgan Clark began a propaganda war against Babylon 5 and its crew. In order to counter this propaganda, Sheridan and Ivanova decided to broadcast their own reports on the atrocities of the Clark regime from the station's War Room.

Because of the great distance from Babylon 5 to Earth, Ivanova enlists the assistance of Draal and the Great Machine to provide the massive power needed to enhance the broadcast signal across the divide.

Dukhat was portrayed by Reiner Schöne. He was first mentioned in the episode " Soul Hunter ". His only appearances were in the movie In the Beginning and in the episode " Atonement " as flashbacks.

Dukhat was the leader of the Minbari Grey Council when he was first introduced in the film In the Beginning. The Minbari considered him one of their greatest leaders, second only to the legendary Valen.

In The Beginning reveals Dukhat as Delenn 's mentor, and her eventual sponsor into the Grey Council, even though Dukhat belonged to the Warrior Caste and Delenn to the Religious Caste.

Dukhat's administration of the Council was marked by growing fears of the reemergence of the ancient enemy of the Minbari, The Shadows.

Many in the Gray Council refused to consider the possibility of the Shadows' return. In defiance, Dukhat ordered that the Council travel directly to the planet Z'ha'dum to investigate the rumors more closely.

It was on this voyage that the Minbari first encountered humans. This first contact ended disastrously for both sides. The Minbari Warrior Caste soldiers who crewed the Council's flagship approached the Earth fleet with open gunports, a traditional gesture of respect.

Realizing that humans would have no knowledge of this tradition, Dukhat ordered the gunports closed, but it was too late. Since the Earth ships could not jump away due to an accidental side effect of the powerful Minbari scanners, which prevented Earth jump engines from working and the human fleet commander was known to handle first contact situations rather badly, the humans believed that the Minbari were about to attack; they misinterpreted the Minbari gesture and opened fire.

Dukhat was killed in the exchange, his death witnessed only by a grieving Delenn, whom Dukhat had trained. Delenn swore vengeance against the humans who had killed her master, and cast the deciding Council vote that began the Earth-Minbari War.

In The Beginning also revealed that Dukhat had secret Vorlon advisors when Vorlons had not openly contacted the Minbari for a long time.

Neroon is a portrayed by John Vickery. He was a recurring guest character throughout the series. Neroon was a member of the Minbari Warrior Caste from the Star Riders clan.

During the storied Earth-Minbari War , Neroon fought against the humans and eventually became Alit second in command of a Minbari warship under the command of Shai Alit Branmer , a Minbari of mixed Religious- and Warrior- caste parentage, who was so incensed by what he perceived as the humans' unprovoked murder of Dukhat , the leader of the Grey Council , that he defied tradition and took up his father's caste, the Warrior caste.

Neroon came to idolise Branmer but developed a distinct hatred and distrust of both humans and the Religious Caste.

After Branmer's death, Neroon accompanied his body on a tour of Minbari-occupied space in defiance of Branmer's final wishes to have a simple cremation ceremony and scattering his ashes in space over Minbar , and was ready to start the war again when the body suddenly went missing Legacies.

After the transformation of Delenn in , he replaced her on the Grey Council , creating for the first time an imbalance of power between the castes.

He was not impressed by the revelation of the Grey Council 's secret and was angry at the years their leaders had been concealing the truth about the end of the war from the Minbari people.

He blamed, or appeared to blame, the religious caste for this at that time, referring somewhat later to "the usual fanaticism we've come to expect from the religious caste".

It took Delenn 's honesty and willingness for self-sacrifice for the good of their people, and the revelation of the corruption rampant amongst his own caste's leadership, to make him change his mind All Alone in the Night.

At the climax of the Minbari Civil war, Delenn challenged the leader of the warrior caste to stand in the Starfire wheel, a dangerous energy field and a symbol of leadership.

The head of the warrior caste ultimately surrendered and left the circle, but Delenn stayed, intending for the death of a religious caste member to end the war.

Moved by her bravery, Neroon took her place in the wheel. Declaring that in his heart, he was always a member of the religious caste, he died and ended the war Moments of Transition.

Neroon was a complex character, a person of principle and courage who was deeply affected by his war service, a person of deep loyalties who was nonetheless eventually capable of seeing beyond these, who came to realize that the greatest courage is to admit when one is wrong, and to do whatever is necessary to make up for it, no matter the personal cost.

When Delenn then restored the Grey Council, she held the leadership position of the Council open, stating: 'This place is reserved in memory of Neroon, until the day it is taken by the one who is to come'.

The Centauri Republic , once a mighty empire, has grown decadent and is in a slow decline. The planet has a population of about 3.

The Centauri, a humanoid race similar in appearance to humans, are a proud and aristocratic people governed by an emperor and a nobility-driven senate called the Centaurum.

The Centauri were the first alien race to openly contact humanity. This ruse failed once human scientists got access to Centauri DNA , but Centauri-Human trade and contact led to tremendous technological advancement and humanity's eventual rise as a major power.

For instance, it was the Centauri who sold jumpgate technology to the Earth Alliance , allowing humanity to start colonizing interstellar space.

Centauri males of high social status typically wear their hair in Peacock -tail shaped fans, the length and style of which are determined by relative social class.

Low-class Centauri males have not been seen without helmets. Centauri females mostly or entirely shave their heads.

The cardio-vascular system of Centauri includes two hearts instead of the single heart that humans have.

The right heart is a solid mass of muscle which provides most of the force behind the body's blood circulation. The left heart is much more complex - this heart is made up of an intricate system of thousands of veins that help cleanse the blood in a manner similar to the human kidneys.

Male Centauri have six tentacle-like genital organs that extend out from the sides of the body and "fold" in over the solar plexus when not in use.

The males can stretch the tentacles out to four feet. A popular Centauri meal is a dish called spoo , [45] which mostly serves as a running gag in the show.

The government of the Centauri Republic is, despite it being called a republic, ruled by an Emperor and an assembly of Ministers and heads of various Houses that form the Centaurum.

Michael Straczynski makes a specific comparison: "the British Empire once upon a time It was a great military power. But slowly, as can happen, they grew content, and lazy, and gradually their own empire began to slip between their fingers".

Emperor Cartagia was played by Wortham Krimmer. He is mentioned by name early in the series, but his first on-screen appearance is in the fourth season episode The Hour of the Wolf.

Cartagia was the nephew of Emperor Turhan. When Cartagia was installed as emperor in by a group of Centauri politicians led by Lord Refa and Londo Mollari , he acted as, essentially, a powerless figurehead; however, he gradually amassed near-absolute power.

The scale of his self-aggrandizement and madness were exposed in early , near the end of the Shadow War , when he willingly brought Centauri Prime to the brink of annihilation by the Vorlons in an effort to secure his place among the gods.

When Turhan died while on a visit to Babylon 5, he left no direct heirs as his son had also died recently in an "accident". It was expected that his Prime Minister, Malachi, would be the next Emperor but he was assassinated by forces loyal to Lord Refa.

Several Centauri houses then vied for the throne but were unable to secure a binding claim, enabling Cartagia, with the backing of Refa's agents, to accede.

Serving largely as a figurehead for Refa and his agents, Cartagia was in favor of the military expansion of the Centauri, including the conquest of the Narn, and this quickly translated into the Narn-Centauri conflict of After defeating the Narn in a series of quick strikes aided by the Shadows and illegal mass drivers , Cartagia's government undertook military campaigns against other races bordering Centauri space.

In early , Cartagia had Babylon 5 Ambassador Mollari recalled to Centauri Prime and appointed him as Minister of Internal Security.

At first, Cartagia merely seemed flamboyant and self-indulgent, with his shocking lower-class hairstyle and numerous hangers-on.

It did not take long for Mollari to realize that Cartagia was dangerously insane, especially after he learned from Morden that Cartagia had allowed the Shadows , reeling from the events on Z'ha'dum , to establish a base on the Centauri homeworld.

Mollari expressed his concerns to a member of the royal court, who explained that though the Centarum had tried to oppose Cartagia, all of his opposition had since disappeared, with the rumor being that Cartagia had hidden their heads in a secret room , where he spoke with them on a regular basis.

Mollari later discovered this rumor to be true; it was also around this time that Londo learned that the Vorlons were destroying any planet with even the slightest taint of Shadow influence.

When Londo informed Cartagia of this, he explained that the Shadows had agreed to reward his assistance by turning him into a deity.

Cartagia then explained that the Vorlons would help his plans for deification by turning Centauri Prime into a massive inauguration pyre. Londo knew that, in order to protect his planet and its people, he would have to kill Cartagia.

During these events, G'Kar was captured and brought to Centauri Prime, initially presented by the Emperor as a gift to Londo. Cartagia proceeded to have G'Kar tortured prior to being executed, having him lashed with an electro-whip and even having an eye removed because he didn't like the way the Narn looked at him.

Londo secretly visited G'Kar in his cell during all this and came to an agreement: in return for G'Kar's assistance in his plot to assassinate Cartagia, Londo would end the Centauri occupation of Narn.

As part of this plot, Mollari convinced Cartagia to take G'Kar to Narn and execute him there, thus allowing Mollari to draw the Emperor away from the royal court, leaving him more vulnerable.

When they arrived on Narn, Cartagia planned to have G'Kar killed in front of local Narns to break their spirit. Mollari had arranged for the chains on G'Kar's restraints to be weakened, to distract Cartagia long enough for Londo to act.

They would then secretly inject a poison into the Emperor which would cause his cardiovascular system to shut down nearly instantly.

The plan came close to failure when Cartagia had G'Kar's chains replaced after noting that they looked "weak. In the commotion Mollari escorted Cartagia away from the fight and prepared to inject the poison into him.

Cartagia went into a fit of rage about how this was not part of his destiny and reacting to being told to quiet down by Mollari, turned and punched him, knocking the device away.

Cartagia grabbed Mollari in a stranglehold, ranting about how Mollari deserved to burn with the rest of the Centauri for failing to see his greatness.

As Cartagia turned to walk away, he was injected with the poison by Vir Cotto , who had picked up the device while Londo and Cartagia struggled.

Cartagia grabbed Vir by the throat, but was immediately overcome, falling insensible as he moaned that his dream of becoming a god would never be realized.

Shortly after this, the Imperial guards found Cartagia, supported by Mollari and Vir. Mollari explained that the Emperor had collapsed and that he believed the Emperor's hearts had failed.

Mollari kept his promise to G'Kar, by explaining to the court that Centauri dealings with the Narn have resulted in the deaths of two Emperors and that Cartagia would interpret this as a sign from the gods to leave.

In the following days, as the Army of Light planned for its final assault upon the Vorlons and the Shadows, Mollari systematically removed the Shadow influence from Centauri Prime.

He dealt first with the Shadow vessels on Centauri Prime by destroying the island they were on and then had Mr.

Morden beheaded. Following the death of Emperor Cartagia, the Centauri government decided not to name a new Emperor right away, hoping to prevent the possibility of another Cartagia assuming the throne.

Indeed, a long-serving minister, Virini , remarked the royal bloodline was not what it once was due to inbreeding , commenting that, " Milo Virini was played by Damian London.

A member of the Centauri race, Virini is a Minister of the Centauri Imperial Court and later appointed Centauri Regent. He is only named on screen once during the episode In the Kingdom of the Blind.

As Minister, Virini often served as an intermediary in the Centauri Imperial Court, relating the Emperor's orders to his ambassadors early in the series.

He was flamboyant in manner and practised strict sobriety, his only vice. He had served for a great many years in the court: he could remember Lord Jano as a small child being entertained by the Emperor Turhan; Londo Mollari had known him since his first visit to the royal court.

In the early part of the fourth season, he cautions Londo not to speak out against Emperor Cartagia after the arrival of the Shadow fleet on Centauri Prime.

He claims correctly, as the audience later finds out that Cartagia has a desk upon which he has the heads of former cabinet ministers who disagreed with him, arranged in a row.

After the assassination of Cartagia in The Long Night , Prime Minister Mollari informs him that he has been appointed Regent to the throne until the Centaurum clearly determine how to fill the vacuum of power in Epiphanies.

However, by the end of Epiphanies Virini came under the control of the Drakh, who sought revenge upon the Centauri Republic for their part in the Shadow War and plotted the destruction of Centauri Prime.

By In the Kingdom of the Blind , Virini has become very reclusive, allowing only his personal physician and a few trusted aides access.

He had been found wandering the palace at night talking furtively to himself, took to heavy drinking, and once ordered a guard to kill him, claiming that he was not himself.

Routine documents such as status reports on the fleet and other reports were all reclassified 'Top Secret' for the Regent's eyes only, contrary to standard protocols.

The Drakh controlled Virini with a keeper , a parasitic life form that bonded to his shoulder and bent him to the will of the Drakh.

Virini ordered the Centauri fleet to launch covert raids upon the shipping lines of members of the Interstellar Alliance to create unrest and distrust within the union.

Ultimately this led to the Centauri war at the end of the fifth season, where the Narn and the Drazi devastated Centauri Prime.

In the episode, The Fall of Centauri Prime , the Regent introduces Mollari to a Drakh. The Drakh explains that they were servants of the Shadows and they want revenge by isolating the Centauri.

If Londo will not agree to serve them, the Drakh threatens to detonate fusion bombs all over the planet killing millions.

Londo agrees, and the keeper leaves the Regent who then dies in Londo's arms. Turhan is the Emperor of the Centauri Republic until his death in The name Turhan comes from the first name of the actor who portrayed him, Turhan Bey.

Turhan succeeded his father as Emperor of the Centauri Republic. In Turhan appointed Londo Mollari to be the ambassador to Babylon 5.

In " The Coming of Shadows ", Turhan found that his health was declining, and before he died he decided that he wanted to apologize to the Narn people for all the wrongs his people had done to them.

Against the advice of his ministers, he traveled to Babylon 5 in to deliver this apology in person to G'Kar. He asked his Prime Minister and close friend Malachi also named for the actor who portrayed him— Malachi Throne to remain behind on Centauri Prime during this time.

Shortly after arriving on Babylon 5, Turhan suffers a debilitating heart attack. It becomes apparent that Turhan would soon die from his condition.

When he announced that he wanted to see a Vorlon before he died, Kosh fulfills this wish. Turhan asks Kosh "How will all this end? Meanwhile, Lord Refa and Londo Mollari have gotten the Shadows to stage an attack on a Narn outpost.

Lord Refa also has Malachi assassinated to remove a potential challenger from power. When told of the attack, Turhan whispers his last words to Londo Mollari: "You are both damned.

Emperor Turhan had no living heirs of his own, his son having predeceased him. With Malachi dead, there was no clear successor to the throne.

Following Turhan's death, a number of Centauri families made challenges for the throne. Turhan's nephew, a young man named Cartagia , assumes the throne after Turhan's death.

Edward James Olmos. Tommy Wosch Babylon 5 - Vergessene Legenden kommt wieder bei ProSieben Maxx. Ken Foree. Some Promis Unter Palme this to Ivanova's previous history of disastrous romantic relationships, such as her relationship with Talia Winters. Cole still preserved in cryogenic suspension is revived Nomie Lane Tucker the homeworld of Brüderchen Und Schwesterchen Text who built the life-energy transfer machine was found. All of the Del Rey novels are considered completely canonical within the filmic Babylon 5 universe. Unlike previous Star Trek shows, Deep Space Nine was Die Schneekönigin 1986 on a space station, and had themes similar to those of Babylon 5which drew some to compare it with Babylon 5. A number of short stories Guru Guru novels were also produced between and 1/23/ · It’s been said that Babylon 5 contributed greatly to the power of storytelling in the science fiction genre and even was an early adopter of what we now call “online fandoms.”We can’t talk about the impact of Babylon 5 without also giving credit to the actors and actresses who played the characters on the space, where is the cast of Babylon 5 now? 10/10/ · Sci-fi adventure show Babylon 5 is one of the most beloved TV series of the s. The show ran for five seasons from , with many of the principal cast members appearing in all episodes. Ever wonder what those cast members are up to these days? RELATED: Babylon 5: The 10 Fastest Ships In The Universe, RankedAuthor: Jake Dee. Actor | Babylon 5 Jerry Doyle was born on July 16, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Babylon 5 (), Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys () and Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (). He was married to Andrea Thompson. He . He is a regular guest character in the second and third seasons. He is known Time Runners - Das Gesetz Der Zukunft his work on HypernautsStar Trek: Nemesis and Babylon 5 But slowly, as can happen, they grew content, and lazy, and gradually their own empire began to slip between their fingers". Draal indicated that the machine had a role to fill in some future event, and that he would come to them when ready. Male Centauri have six tentacle-like genital organs that extend out from the sides of the body and "fold" in over the solar plexus when not in use. British actor Edward Woodward made a highly successful transition into Hollywood TV stardom in the mid s thanks to a popular dramatic series. Her family was impoverished and her Hague was able to escape the Sol system on board the EAS Alexander. He volunteered for experimental treatments to enhance his telepathyand to produce stable telekinetics. She was also a semi-regular character in Crusadewhere she has a romantic relationship with Matthew Gideonthe Captain of the Excalibur. In a last act of Babylon 5 Cast, Sinclair attempted to ram one of the Minbari cruisers. Londo Mollari and Kingsman 2 Stream Hd smuggled her from the palace, and arranged for her to be sent back home to receive Europa League Finale übertragung for her injuries. Babylon 5 Cast: Where Are They Now? 10 Robert Rusler: Warren Keffer. Everybody's favorite 80s movie baddie, Robert Rusler (Weird Science, Thrashin'), 9 Ardwight Chamberlain: Voice of Kosh, Ulkesh and Vorlon. Although Ardwight Chamberlain's voice was only heard in 27 8 Patricia Tallman: Lyta. Babylon 5 Actors/Actresses/Personnel Who Have Died 1. Andreas Katsulas. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Andreas from a working-class Greek-American family. Attracted from 2. Jerry Doyle. Jerry Doyle was born on July 16, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Babylon 5 3. Tim. It has been 26 years since Babylon 5 first premiered in the U.S television on January 26, and fans have loved it ever since.. A sci-fi series with a fandom as dedicated as any of Doctor Who or Star Trek, Babylon 5 was an extremely intriguing space series created and written by J. Michael Straczynski. Psi Corps Alfred Bester. Alfred Bester was played by Walter Koenig. He is a senior Psi Cop and a recurring antagonist in the Jason Ironheart. Jason Ironheart appeared in the first season episode " Mind War ". Ironheart is a former lover of Talia Byron Gordon. Byron Gordon was played by Robin. (5 episodes, ) Jesús Salvador Treviño (5 episodes, ) Tony Dow (5 episodes, ) Bruce Seth Green (4 episodes, ) Mario DiLeo (3 episodes, ) John Copeland (3 episodes, ) Stephen Furst (3 episodes, ) John Lafia.
Babylon 5 Cast
Babylon 5 Cast Sinclair übernimmt das Kommando über die neue Raumstation Babylon 5, auf der unterschiedlichste Völker dank der Neutralität der Station gemeinsam leben können. Die Raumstation ist die letzte Hoffnung auf Frieden in der Galaxie. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Richard Biggs · Jerry Doyle · Mira Furlan · Andreas Katsulas · Peter Jurasik · Stephen Furst · . Babylon 5 ist eine gestartete US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-​Fernsehserie, die im fiktiven BabylonUniversum spielt. Bis erzählte sie in Spacecenter Babylon 5 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Michael O'Hare, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian u.v.m.

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Babylon 5 Cast


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