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Zwar hat sich Lilly gerade von Tuner (Thomas Drechsel) getrennt. 2017.


Der Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse in Staffel 1 dieser HBO-Serie. Der junge Ben, von einem Wanderzirkus aufgenommen, und der Prediger Justin befinden sich. Entdecken Sie Carnivàle (Soundtrack From The Original HBO Series) von Jeff Beal bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei. Carnivàle: Oklahoma, Die Große Depression hat Amerika fest im Griff. Arbeitslosigkeit, Armut und Hunger sind alltäglich. Die Präriestaaten werden von .

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Der Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse in Staffel 1 dieser HBO-Serie. Der junge Ben, von einem Wanderzirkus aufgenommen, und der Prediger Justin befinden sich. Charaktere aus Carnivàle, Mythologie von Carnivàle, Liste der Carnivàle-​Episoden, Carnivàle/Liste der Auszeichnungen und Nominierungen, Daniel Knauf. Carnivàle Kritik: 17 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare Meiner Meinung nach gehört "Carnivále" zu den ersten großen Serien mit.

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A description of tropes appearing in Carnivàle. A semi-surreal drama set in s Depression-stricken US, Carnivale casts the epic battle between Good and . Carnivàle. The Dustbowl. The final conflict between good and evil is about to begin, playing out against a pair of unusual backdrops: a traveling carnival and. Carnivàle: Season 1 57% Critics Consensus: Carnivále aspires to be beguiling and addictive but plays so coy with its mythology that viewers are given little reason to care about this cast of. Oklahoma Dust Bowl, year-old Ben Hawkins is a young man who lives with his physically sick, God-fearing mother. After his mother dies from a long illness, Ben unceremoniously buries her in the back yard of his home which is then repossessed for outstanding late payments. Carnivale: The Complete First Two Seasons: Michael J. Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, Clancy Brown, Debra Christofferson, Tim DeKay, Clea DuVall, Cynthia. Oklahoma, 30er Jahre: Die Große Depression hat Amerika fest im Griff. Arbeitslosigkeit, Armut und Hunger sind alltäglich. Der jährige Ben Hawkins schließt sich einem Wanderzirkus an. Seine Mitglieder ahnen schon bald, dass ihr Zusammentreffen. Carnivàle [kɑɹ.nɪ'væl] ist eine von 20für den Bezahlsender HBO produzierte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Namensgeber der Serie ist der. Carnivàle ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die in den Vereinigten Staaten der er Jahre spielt. Die Serie verfolgt die Handlungen des jungen Ben. Carnivàle: Oklahoma, Die Große Depression hat Amerika fest im Griff. Arbeitslosigkeit, Armut und Hunger sind alltäglich. Die Präriestaaten werden von . Edit page. To Kino Movietown the emerging alliance of Iris and Norman, Justin assigns Norman's Carnivàle to Sofie. Main page Contents Current Arktos Pokemon Go Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. Halloween Town Meine Oma Ist Ne Hexe Stream Deutsch 21, First Name. The Futon Critic. The locals bring Ben to Emma "The Crone" Krohn, mother of Henry Scudder, and their and Ben's grandmother. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Michael J. Games Movies TV Video Sybille Rauch Filme. Iris overhears Justin talking to stroke-afflicted Norman about his childhood nightmares: A carnival is approaching, hiding his enemy. Retrieved Carnivàle 11, Caladonia 12 episodes, Blake Shields Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Added to Watchlist.

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And to each generation was born a creature of light and a creature of darkness. And great armies clashed by night in the ancient war between good and evil.

He therefore shelved the screenplay as a learning experience. In the meantime, Hollywood studios rejected all but one of Knauf's other scripts, often for being "too weird.

Knauf turned the script's first act into a pilot episode , but, having no contacts in the television business, he was forced to shelve the project again and return to his regular job.

The script was subsequently forwarded to Howard Klein by Scott Winant , a mutual friend of the two men. Klein brought it to the attention of Chris Albrecht and Carolyn Strauss of HBO , who were immediately receptive.

Moore as showrunner. Knauf replaced Moore after one season when Moore left for the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.

The pilot episode, which was filmed over a period of 21 days, served as the basis for additional tweaking of intended story lines.

Long creative discussions took place among the writers and the network, leading to the postponement of the filming of the second episode for fourteen months.

Brother Justin was originally conceived as a well-established preacher, and as a recurring character rather than a regular one.

However, after perusing the preliminary version of the pilot, Knauf and the producers realized that there was no room for Justin to grow in a television series.

Hence, it was decided to make Brother Justin an ordinary Methodist minister in a small town, setting him back in his career by about one or two years.

Expanding Brother Justin's role opened new possibilities, and his sister Iris was created as a supporting character. Although the episodes averaged a runtime of 54 minutes, the episodes "Insomnia" and "Old Cherry Blossom Road" were 46 minutes and 59 minutes, respectively.

As a result, reviews praised the look and production design of the show as "impeccable," [19] "spectacular" [20] and as "an absolute visual stunner.

To give a sense of the dry and dusty environment of the Dust Bowl, smoke and dirt were constantly blown through tubes onto the set. The creative team listened to s' music and radio and read old Hollywood magazines to get the period's sound, language, and slang right.

The art department had an extensive research library of old catalogs, among them an original Sears Catalog , which were purchased at flea markets and antique stores.

The East European background of some characters and Asian themes in Brother Justin's story were incorporated into the show.

The scenes of fictional California town of Mintern, where the stories about Brother Justin and Iris in Season 1 were based, were shot at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills.

The carnival set itself was moved around the greater Southern California area, to movie ranches and to Lancaster , which were to replicate the states of Oklahoma , Texas , and New Mexico.

The production team of A52 had intended to "create a title sequence that grounded viewers in the mids, but that also allowed people to feel a larger presence of good and evil over all of time.

The resulting images were photoshopped and digitally rendered. A last step involved stock footage clips being compiled and digitally incorporated into the sequence.

The opening title sequence itself begins with a deck of Tarot cards falling into the sand, while the camera moves in and enters one card into a separate world presenting layers of artwork and footage from iconic moments of the American Depression era ; the camera then moves back out of a different card and repeats the procedure several times.

However, " After the Ball ," which was a major hit in the s, is used to prominent effect at the close of season 1, episode 2.

Jeff Beal's score is primarily acoustic sounding electronics, but mixes themes of bluegrass as well as atmospheric rhythmic sounds. Bigger groups of strings support smaller ensembles of guitars , pianos , violins , cellos , and trumpets.

The music sometimes uses ethnic instruments such as banjos , harmonicas , ukuleles , and duduks. Characters are musically identified by solo instruments chosen for the character's ethnic background or nature.

Some characters whose connections are only disclosed later in the series have intentionally similar themes. Different music is consciously used to represent the two different worlds of the story.

Brother Justin's world features music of constructed orchestral sound with religious music and instruments. On the other hand, the score of the carnival side is more deconstructed and mystical, especially when the carnival travels through the Dust Bowl and remote towns.

For carnival scenes taking place in the cootch striptease show or in cities, however, contemporary pop music , blues , folk , and ethnic music is played.

Out of the 17 actors receiving star billing in the first season, 15 were part of the carnival storyline. The second season amounted to 13 main cast members, supplemented by several actors in recurring roles.

Although such large casts make shows more expensive to produce, the writers are benefited with more flexibility in story decisions.

The audience therefore only learned more about the characters as a natural aspect in the story. Season 1's first storyline is led by Nick Stahl portraying the protagonist Ben Hawkins , a young Okie farmer who joins a traveling carnival.

Michael J. Anderson played Samson, the diminutive manager of the carnival. Tim DeKay portrayed Clayton "Jonesy" Jones, the crippled chief roustabout.

Patrick Bauchau acted as the carnival's blind mentalist Lodz, while Debra Christofferson played his lover, Lila the Bearded Lady.

Diane Salinger portrayed the catatonic fortune teller Apollonia, and Clea DuVall acted as her tarot -card-reading daughter, Sofie.

Adrienne Barbeau portrayed the snake charmer Ruthie, with Brian Turk as her son Gabriel, a strongman. John Fleck played Gecko the Lizard Man, and Karyne and Sarah Steben appeared as the conjoined twins Alexandria and Caladonia.

The cootch show Dreifuss family was played by Toby Huss and Cynthia Ettinger as Felix "Stumpy" and Rita Sue, and Carla Gallo as their daughter Libby.

Amanda Aday portrayed their other daughter, Dora Mae Dreifuss, in a recurring role. John Savage played the mysterious Henry Scudder in several episodes, while Linda Hunt lent her voice to the mysterious Management.

The second storyline is led by Clancy Brown portraying the primary antagonist, the Methodist minister Brother Justin Crowe. Amy Madigan played his sister Iris.

Robert Knepper supported them as the successful radio host Tommy Dolan later in the first season, while Ralph Waite had a recurring role as Reverend Norman Balthus, Brother Justin's mentor.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Milfay, Oklahoma. Jeremy Podeswa. Tipton, Oklahoma. The sheriff of Tipton refuses to let the carnival set up in his town.

But after inhabitants identify Ben as the healer of the little girl, Samson opens a revival with the aid of the local church, featuring Ben as the famous Reverend Benjamin St.

In-between shows, Ben locates an old lady named Rebecca Donovan, the sheriff's mother, whose old trucks reminded him of the baggage trailer photo.

Rebecca remarks upon Ben's uncanny resemblance to Henry Scudder and makes cryptic statements about supernatural powers.

With her last breath, she tells Ben not to heal her, and reveals that Scudder went to Babylon. Samson lets Jonesy know that Management decided Babylon will be the carnival's next major stop.

Brother Justin has turned Chin's into a ministry and orphanage, but Carol's nephew Val Templeton informs him that the building will be torn down soon.

Tim Hunter. Babylon, Texas [b]. Alison Maclean. Ben learns of Scudder's past with Ruthie and accidentally injures her son Gabriel in a fight.

To correct his mistake, Ben heals Gabriel in a lake, killing all fish in the process. Cootch show talker Stumpy Dreifuss is inconsolable over the death of his daughter, while the friendship between his other daughter Libby and Tarot reader Sofie deepens.

Following a suicide attempt at a bridge, Brother Justin gets to know two Russian immigrant children, Irina and Alexei.

At the same time, Tommy Dolan visits Iris and offers to go public with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the ministry fire. After outwitting councilman Val Templeton in a live radio interview, Dolan learns about Iris's childhood — she and her brother emigrated from Russia and are the only survivors of a train accident.

Ben dreams of Justin and the gravely injured Russian soldier. The next morning, he has to run errands for Samson and meets freak-finder Boffo.

When shaking hands, Ben comes in contact with Boffo's ring, which induces a powerful series of Knights Templar visions in him. Ben panics and drives off with the ring, but he has to return it to Boffo at the carnival.

Samson possesses a medal with the same symbol as the ring; it bears the initials "H. When Samson turns to Management, he finds Lodz in the trailer talking about Scudder and is told to leave.

As the relationship between Sofie and Jonesy seems to go nowhere, Jonesy is offered sexual relief with Stumpy's wife Rita Sue.

Brother Justin is committed to an insane asylum, where he informs the doctors that he is "the left hand of God" and "His will made flesh".

He practices his mind-bending powers on the people in the building. To supplement the carnival's income, Samson arranges a "fireball show".

Ben tries to drive off the torments of his dreams by staying awake. He remains defiant to Lodz's urges to listen to his dreams and learn from them.

Samson hands Ben the medal, saying he is the rightful owner as Scudder's son. The medal's significance becomes clear when Lodz touches it and experiences the same strong visions as Ben had with Boffo's ring.

When Sofie envisions her mother being raped by a tattooed man, she unburdens her heart to Jonesy and Samson. Iris, who is still in search of Justin, participates in Dolan's radio show but rejects his romantic advances.

Brother Justin is released from the mental institution. Loving, New Mexico [c]. Ben, whose lack of sleep results in more daydream visions of the Tattooed Man, joins Samson on a trip to Loving.

They hope to find more clues at a local brotherhood organization, which bears the symbol of Scudder's trinket.

But the manager of the Templar lodge is unwilling to help them, and Ben misses an important clue on a mural. Meanwhile, a Templar tells Sofie about "every Prophet [being] in her House.

Brother Justin returns to Mintern and asks Iris about the missing pieces of his childhood. At the next church service, Tommy Dolan joins the Crowes and sees Justin unburdening his heart about his dark past in front of the audience.

When seeing baptismal water on Justin's forehead transform into blood, Norman grows suspicious of his foster son.

John Patterson. While Ben's dark visions about Justin and Scudder continue, Sofie learns of Jonesy's affair with Rita Sue.

Lodz organizes Ruthie's death with Management's blessing, and Ben finds himself unable to revive her. As police reports appear about the ministry fire, Iris is forced to confess her guilt to Justin.

Sofie schemes for revenge on Jonesy and Libby, and Lodz learns alarming news from Sofie's mother Apollonia. Ben approaches Lodz for help with Ruthie's resurrection and meets Management for the first time.

After several hours, Ben still finds himself unable to act on Management's instructional advice and considers suicide, but a vision of Scudder insinuates his destiny as an Avatar.

When Lodz's involvement in Ruthie's death becomes clear, Ben kills him, reviving Ruthie in the process. At the same time, Apollonia sets fire to her trailer and risks Sofie's, Jonesy's and her own life.

Brother Justin sheds light into Norman's greatest evil but is deeply disturbed to learn that Norman's worst deed was to save him as a boy.

A deal with Tommy Dolan allows Justin to hold his first radio speech. After showing Ben an explosion of massive destruction in a desert , Management reveals himself as Lucius Belyakov, the Russian soldier from Ben's dreams.

He tells Ben to find Henry Scudder to learn the name of his enemy, the preacher from his dreams. Samson is to further act as their intermediary, and it is his first task to get rid of Lodz's body.

Jonesy and Sofie are the only ones to survive the trailer fire; Samson presents Apollonia's burned body to the police, claiming that fugitive Ben was killed in the fire.

Meanwhile, Scudder's trinket prompts Ben to revisit the Templar Lodge in Loving, where he learns that Scudder was once involved with chaplain Devin Kerrigan.

After meeting in , Kerrigan seemingly lost his mind and painted a tattooed man into a Templar mural; he is now institutionalized in Alamogordo.

Brother Justin visits Norman, who after suffering a stroke is unable to speak. Added to Watchlist.

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Episodes Seasons. Won 5 Primetime Emmys. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Michael J. Samson 24 episodes, Adrienne Barbeau Ruthie 24 episodes, Clancy Brown Brother Justin Crowe 24 episodes, Debra Christofferson Lila 24 episodes, Tim DeKay Clayton 'Jonesy' Jones 24 episodes, Clea DuVall Sofie 24 episodes, Cynthia Ettinger Rita Sue Dreifuss 24 episodes, Carla Gallo Libby Dreifuss 24 episodes, Toby Huss Felix 'Stumpy' Dreifuss 24 episodes, Amy Madigan Iris Crowe 24 episodes, Nick Stahl Ben Hawkins 24 episodes, Brian Turk Gabriel 24 episodes, Diane Salinger

Libby Dreifuss 24 episodes, Anderson takes Ben Nick Stahl into town, where they visit the Benevolent Order of Templars, a lodge with the same insignia as that of Scudder's John Savage watch fob. But eventually, they run into Stangler Fire Tv Aktuelle Firmware Hannah. HBO, archiviert vom Original am 5. Die erste Episode der Serie erreichte zu der Zeit die höchste Einschaltquote für eine HBO-Serie, [2] konnte aber während der zweiten Staffel diese nicht halten. Wenn ein Prophet stirbt, Smiley Film ein aszendenter Prinz lebt, können zwei Sachen geschehen: Wenn Bachelor In Paradise Kandidatinnen Prophet von seinem aszendenten Carnivàle getötet wird, erhält der Prinz die Hülle des Propheten Daybreak Netflix einer Gabe.

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Carnivàle This page was last changed on 12 January , at Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License and the GFDL; additional terms. 25 rows · Carnivàle is an American fantasy television series created by Daniel Knauf for . Lila Villanueva, the traveling carnival's resident bearded lady, loves to start trouble! She especially likes to wreak havoc on Ben Hawkins and Sofie 's relationship. Lila is in love with the blind mentalist and fellow trouble maker, Professor Lodz.


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